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We're pleased to announce our team just doubled in size! A proposal was made to our community & passed with 62 votes in favor, 0 against!


..are now on our team. Read on for bios & what they'll be doing at $FOOD.

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Its time!

Come hang with me and my community while we chat about the weekly close, altcoin requests and talk some ish


so pushing 2 billion dollars thru uniswap in the $farm hack didn't affect the liquidity at all. 💪

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@sabotagebeats @tomasrollo @lawmaster Form Harvest team: Like other arbitrage economic attacks, this one originated with a large flashloan, and manipulated prices on one money lego (curve y pool) to drain another money lego (fUSDT, fUSDC), many times.

The attacker then converted the funds to renBTC and exited to BTC

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DeFi Scam Token Checklist:

🚩Falsely claim they’ve been audited many times.

🚩Was recently created (only a few months old)

🚩Named after food, or a meme

🚩Promises high returns

🚩Anonymous dev team

🚩Fake partnerships

🚩Stolen white paper

🚩No real utility

what if you made a pro trump account, got thousands of followers, and then rebranded to an overpriced american flag trucknuts account after the election

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We are not interested in doxxing the attacker, your skill and ingenuity is respected, just return the funds to the users

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$ETH HTF Analysis

My original opinion that Ethereum was heading to $3000 could have been a little conservative thinking back.

$1100 > $2800 > $3600 price discovery resistance levels.

Excited to see that 2021 brings in terms of PA.

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have to give credit where it's due ... this is a pretty excellent take which seems to have foretold the future given today's hack twitter.com/ChrisBlec/status/1

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I miss when the Top 10 Worst Things Happening included totally real stuff like "the Bermuda Triangle" and "being abducted from the Mall"

if dxy dumpin, bitcoin be pumpin

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Here's a chart for the dollar for the ages. $DXY loves 2000 day + trends. Once it starts moving it stays like that for a while. We may be in the middle of one of these trends if so much $ is being printed.

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Bitcoin maxi's: I don't care what you say, I'm hard as f*vk and can't be phased.

Also Bitcoin Maxi's: you hurt my feelings, I'm reporting your tweet. 👶

Of all the times I've shitposted, it's @AngieOlthoff who gets banned for 12 hours for hurting some maximilists feelings. Lol

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