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Hey @rustlang people! The new version was just deployed. The documentation theme is now applied to as well! \o/

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Nothing like guilting your dying father into voting the way you want, and then pretending it’s inspirational.

I miss when people actually loved and respected one another past their political affiliations.

Be better.

Lol, Seriously you market buying through centralized exchanges does not promote any of bitcoin's core values. There is a lot to unpack in this terrible tweet.
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Random idea.

What if we all buy on the 5th of November at 16:05 UTC market order of 115$, would that create at least a little spike of fireworks?

TL;DR, Company's have simplified attacking you to the point if someone knows your number and you use their product, they can become you. Banks, Social Media, Gig Economy, Infrastructure Services(AWS, GCP, Azure), and some Utility Company apps. This is not secure, this is not safe

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eat the cost. They are being financially supported by your use and they are allowing us to be victims and denying responsibility. Stop the madness, let's build a better world. This stops with us or they will keep doing it and nothing changes. Your choice, I am done with this.

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purpose. Back to the original question, Why are the user's responsible for the shortcoming of the security implemented by these companies? They are not, stand up and stop using these services, platforms, and supporting them financially. They are turning a blind eye to this and we

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over. In my recent articles I highlight this point, the user has zero control over phone carriers and providers in anyway. This also is visible in the attack vectors and methods that can be used to intercept texts for a user by exploiting sms gateway services or devices for this

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The question becomes, how do we fix this? I have provided a couple of suggestions and most involve us using public keys with PGP. While this does a serious concern over user management of said key, is it not safer than a user controlling a number to which they have zero control..

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Many may not see the danger here, however, for a few bucks someone could become you or someone you know. Tech companies, big and small, are all on the bandwagon it is a user problem even though the user does not control the registration or reset flow, that is done by the company.

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1/* Tech companies are requiring users to use flawed registration flows. These registration flows utilize your phone. These flows also have a password reset bypass that does not require an attacker to have more than just your number and knowing when they plan to reset your pass.

It is the user's fault that phone registration flows are flawed. No, it is the company's fault for implementing that registration flow. User's are signing up using the flows you force them to use, many are also asking that I stop disclosing workarounds and the attack methods. NO.

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Did you know that companies who have reached out to me about phone registration flows are stating the flaws are a user issue? Let that sink in, users are the reason they have a terrible security for the user. This is why continues to compromise you, it’s your fault. Wtf

Had a good run this morning, then a day full of meetings and bureaucracy, also lawyer asked how they could improve, I responded be faster and cheaper. I got a blank stare and reminded that some of this delays is not caused by them but by antiquated gubmint.

4chan is doing what 4chan do. /pol/'s agents are deployed, we got /b/tards on a straight up 90's style hack/phreak fest, ad then every other board is just discussing the Australian hentai ban. 4channers are all across the spectrum.

Use Jitsi!
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Zoom is deleting events that discuss Zoom censorship – this is what happens when end-to-end encryption is nothing but a marketing term for you.

I am not involved in DeFi at all, but I love seeing everyone freaking out over hacks, shitty contracts, and return promises that are not possible or logical. I hate you are losing money but that shit is on you. TL;DR: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.🧪♥️

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@lrvick @github @dmca This is how it’s done. Beautiful.

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The RIAA just got GitHub to ban open source YouTube downloaders.

They don't want anyone to share this code:

mplayer $(echo -s "$(cu $youtube_url | sed -n "/watch_fullscreen/s;.*\(video_id.\+\)&title.*;\1;p")&fmt=22")


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